Airlangga Park, an Iconic Wanna be Destination at Lamongan

Kamis, 29 Juli 2021 - 05:30
Airlangga Park, an Iconic Wanna be Destination at Lamongan Pataan Temple, an iconic place where Airlangga Park of Pacitan will be build. (Photo: Dosen Unisla, Husen for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BONTANG, JAKARTALamongan will have another new tourist attraction to visit. The city is planning to build an amusement for the local community especially. This park will be a new iconic destination in town. The new park will be named asAirlangga Park.

Airlangga Park will be built around Pataan temple, Pataan, Sambeng, Lamongan, East Java. The construction progress was one of the Ministry of Research and Technology program for Desa Inovasi. This program helps the local village in th country to develop their tourism especially those who have had such an iconic attraction.

"We support the strong will that Pataan Village has. They would like us to help them make this Desa Inovasi program came true," Nasyirul Falah Amru, a congress man of DRPD said on Sundy (25/7/2021).


The park will be build around Pataan temple to  make temple more outstanding. The temple as the main attraction will highlight the park and both will support each other existence.

Still according to Falah, the temple itself has been build since 11th AD. It could be seen from the inscription written on a stone next to the temple. "it has such a historical potential, and we would like to conserve it," Falah added.

In accordance to modernity, Falah said that they will use solar panels to light up the park. They will also use hydraulic electric source for addition. They have worked together with the local university (Unisla) for the development.

Meanwhile, on certain corner of the park, they will be build some atrractions like smaller version of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue and the Pataan temple  itself. Airlangga Park of Lamongan will be a perfect place to hang out in the evening with all these being constructed. (*)

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