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5 Super Vegetables to Help Your Diet

Jumat, 12 Agustus 2022 - 07:22
5 Super Vegetables to Help Your Diet Illustration of vegetables that can make your diet program a success (Photo: Pexels)

TIMES BONTANG, JAKARTA – Vegetables has become a common thing found in someone's diet. That's because vegetables have rich fiber and are suitable to help a weight loss program. There several veggies that bring some benefit for your diet. Without any further do, let's check the list below.

1. Bell pepper

This vegetable is no doubt suitable to be added on your diet. How can it be? Because of the Capsaicin, it suppressed your appetite which resulting to an easy loss of weight. Taken from Halodoc, scientists have proven through research that bell pepper can optimize the body's metabolic processes and help reduce appetite.

2. Spinach

Vegetables that contain low calories but are still high in nutrition are spinach. These vegetables also have a lot of fiber that can launch your body's digestive process. Aside of helping you with your diet program this vegetable could also reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli contains 34 calories per 100 grams. The content of complex carbohydrates that exist can keep you full longer. In addition, broccoli also contains high fiber and protein. This will also play an essential role in the success of the diet program that you are or will be doing.

vegetables-2.jpgBroccoli, one of the vegetable recommendations that make your diet program a success (Photo: Unsplash)

4. Cabbage

Cabbage is also one of the vegetables with high fiber but low calories. You could consume it after cook or while it's raw. Either which cabbage works for weight loss by balancing glucose, limiting oxidative stress, inflammation, and insulin resistance.

5. Japanese Cucumber

This vegetable, which has another name Kyuri, contains 96% water. In that way, consuming Japanese Cucumber can make you full longer.  This will help your diet program run better. Make sure you combine it with some exercise to help you get a better results. (*)

Pewarta : Adam Chesar Gunawan (MG-414)
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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